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Delta 3

Engineering Success

In 2003 three UW Platteville engineering grads Bart Nies, Dan Dreessens and Scott Chyko launched Delta 3 Engineering from a 1200 square foot office at the Platteville Incubator. They flew the incubator coop in 2010 and have built a lasting legacy over the years of many successful projects.

Applied Micro

Strategic Growth

Kip Schreck and his two partners launched Applied Micro , a computer and networking company working with both businesses and individual consumers, in 1993. The company grew organically, but decided to move into the Incubator in 2002 to increase their service area and offerings.

L&M Corrugated Container

Incremental Improvement

L&M brought its corrugated packaging manufacturing plant to the Platteville community in 2006. When it was decided that they needed to have administrative team closer to manufacturing, they set up shop in the Platteville Incubator in 2010. Since then the company has tripled in size.